Generator Drip Trays

Our generator drip trays are made from light weight steel sheet with a yellow powder coated finish for a very ridged construction.

The approximate overall size for transporting is, L 700mm x W 550mm x H 100mm

The approximate internal floor size to fit your generator is, L 640mm x W 500mm x H 100mm

Each tray is fitted with an internal depth gauge, to highlight the size or quantity of spill absorbent materials required to clean up any spills that may occur.

A maximum level is identified, so be sure to check that your generator does not exceed the 16 Litre maximum containment, which would be approximately 14 litres, remembering the tank size, plus 10% rule!!!!!

The top edge of the tray is folded over to minimise the risk of sharp edges.

All corners are welded firm for a safe seal and strength.

As with all tools, we advise daily inspections prior to use.

You must always use the correct fuel can, with a purpose made funnel when refuelling your generator and the fuel can must also be safeguarded against leaks.

Drip Tray Costings

Each tray cost £80.00, plus vat

For orders or 16 and over, we will overlay your company logo on 1 side for free.

Orders are only deemed to be placed upon payment received, unless account terms have been arranged.

We only accept cheque or bank transfer, we do not accept credit cards.

Our bank details will be attached to the invoice raised for your order.

Please EMAIL US to order.