E Fab First Aid Bag

A first-aid bag that fits unobtrusively inside your hard hat. Always accessible and available in an instant.

The Emergency First-Aid Bag (E-FAB) was originally designed for the offshore and construction industries where safety is paramount.

E-FAB safeguards workers no matter the situation: high-risk, remote or dangerous.

Once installed in your hard hat you will always have first-aid within reach in case of emergency.


1 Triangular bandage
2 Leukostrip 6.4mm × 76mm ×
3 Steroplast 7.0cm × 6.0cm
4 Steropad 7.5cm × 7.5cm
5 Steropad 5.0cm × 5.0cm
6 Plaster 4.0cm × 4.0cm
7 Plaster 7.5cm × 2.5cm
8 Plaster 7.5cm × 5.0cm
9 Burn bag
10 Burn gel 3.5ml
11 Virtex latex free gloves
12 Alcohol wipes × 2
13 Resuscitation mask

Ordering Product Code: E-FAB

first aid within easy reach